If you’re looking for something fit to your special requirements, have a look to our own products. Tailored to fit for most business needs, they can also help you to leverage your position among the competition.

If you want to bring your hospitality and public relations to a new level, you can’t afford to make a wrong decision. So we build the perfect booking system just for you. This top-notch booking and reservation system reduces the telephone traffic. It is highly personalized, so you can edit any important detail such as reservation quotes or many other things you need to have a control.

Telephone Booking

Telephone bookings are taken down by the system automatically. Moreover, it allows you to see the bookings made before by the same person each time a new booking is made. It can even measure customer reliability by checking how many bookings were cancelled by any customer in real time. This unique smart system can also remind you about the important details regarding the customers, such as allergies, intolerances, even their favorite wine to provide excellent and memorable service.

Digital Catalogue

A perfect tool for sales representatives and managers who are up for selling on the go. This incredibly efficient online catalogue not only displays the list of products and prices, but also allows you to make orders on the system immediately.

It also analyses the orders from each sales person and informing the employer of their performance, thus it works as an excellent information and evaluation tool.

Signage TV System

This is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business. We install the whole system for you in public areas such as shopping malls, and you manage your content all by yourself. It’s excellent if you want to update your content frequently to add more information, change dates or prices, build a new campaign and more.

Personal Tracking System

With this high-tech register, employees can be tracked precisely and the manager can be notified of late arrivals. Even more, it calculates the wages so that any late appearances or extra hours are considered. This system definitely puts an end to unnecessary conflicts or lost tracking sheets.

Digital Survey

This electronic survey tool is used for collecting customer feedbacks to improve service. It allows customer satisfaction to be measured and required adaptations are made through feedback questionnaires. An ideal solution for continuous development of your business.

Software Development

If you have any particular software needs and in search of tailor made solutions, we’re ready to help. Tell us all about your expectations from a software and we will work it out for you in no time.

More to that, we can also build any electronics that you may want to integrate on top of that solution.

Mobile App Development

We can simply come up with precisely what you need from an ideal mobile app and put it all together for you. Uniquely composed of features you opt for, a new mobile app can help your business boom at a finger click with an incredible increase in your sales.